King Air E90

Aircraft Information
Average Passenger Capacity: 6 Lavatory Style: Varies
Airspeed (mph): 235 Range: 1000
Cabin Width: 4.5 Cabin Height: 4.8
Cabin Length: 0
King Air E90 Pictured
The King Air E90 is another variant of the original King Air 90. It incorporates the airframe of the C90 with higher performance turboprop engines. It is recognizable by its low/straight wing with 2 wing mounted, 4 bladed turboprop engines. It also has a swept tailfin and low mounted horizontal stabilizer. Each side of the fuselage has 4 cabin windows. The E90 is pressurized and can carry up to 8 passengers and is piloted by a crew of 1 or 2. The King Air E90 cruises at speeds up to 250 knots and has a range of 1,300 nautical miles.
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